Ubong Oscar – Is there anything like Christian marriage?


Is there anything like Christian marriage?

Because what I know is only a traditional marriage either in African setting or European wedding.

Meaning that when you do the two you only end up doing two different traditional marriage, before you argue I want you to understand that the most important element in marriage is the bride price which confirmed your marriage an eligible one, and this is not done in the church or mosque but in the family which is the base of an individual traditional right expression. Where no bride price is paid there is no marriage but a mere gathering or celebration.

In canan where Jesus was invited to a marriage it wasn’t in the tabernacle or temple but in the family where they did their traditional thing.

I don’t support this aspects of running two different traditional marriage ignorantly even to those who claimed to be learned.

After a traditional marriage rites are done the couples can go to church for the pastors or ministers to bless the Union and advice them In a Godly way on how a family should be run and manage to the glory of God spelling out to them their role and responsibilities.

Having two different traditional marriage is it out of ignorant or to prove to people you have money or to show off.



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