Trace Playlist Gets LG A New Experience


Trace Urban’s top music programme, Playlist, has gotten an electronics brand, LG, on its wings for a new experience.

The music programme will see LG enjoying the sponsorship rights for 4 episodes of TRACE Jamming session.

In a recent event, Trace TV signed a new partnership deal with electronics and home entertainment provider, LG.

According to a statement by both entertainment outfits, part of the partnership will include a 2-month bulk advertising deal on the channel, sponsorship rights for three editions of ‘Trace Live’, and also eight weeks sponsorship of ‘Colours’ on Trace.

Speaking on the new partnership, the Managing Director, Trace Anglophone West Africa, Sam Onyemelukwe said “For us at Trace, it’s always a pleasure to work with great brands and great partners, and the same can be said of this particular partnership with LG.

We all know the change the younger generation is bringing into music and entertainment in general for our country and continent- it’s amazing. They are pushing boundaries and bringing recognition to Africa, and so partnering with such a reputable brand will further enhance the listening pleasure of music lovers.”


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