Strategies Cultists Used On Campus To Lure Freshers


The two strategy cultists used to lure people into joining them includes,

(1). perpetuation of lies:they will try to convince you that they will give you protection. There is no protection whatsoever by being a member of secret cult. They will rather expose you to all kinds of dangers. As a cult member, you are in danger from other members of the group.if you fail to carry out any assignment given to you or fail to pay the levies impose on you, you will be attacked by

members of your group. Perhaps, The greatest danger to a secret cult member is posed from other secret cult groups. If a cult member of one group had a disagreement with another member of another group perhaps, over a girl friend, hell is let loose.

(2). Through parties: Those who are fun loving and crazy for parties should be cautious of the kind of parties they attend. Most of the parties organized outside the campus are organized by different cult groups.

The purpose of these parties apart from fun is primarily to initiate new members. If a particular cult group is organizing a party, at the entrance to the venue of the party, care is taken to filter out members of the other groups from entering the party. Often times there are resistance from those who are denied access to party. This is actually a fertile ground for conflict between various cult groups on campus.

Those who do not belong to any group are known as “jewman” and “civilians” and are allowed free access to the party. As the party progresses¬†Into midnight, all the exit doors will be locked as in the case in a party organized in a hotel at Odenigbo, Nsuka during the 1995 to 1996 session. After all the exit doors had been locked, the organizers of the Party who were cult members came with broken bottles and started using it to draw a line on the palm of every “jewman present”.

My dear students, you are warned to beware of parties organized outside the campus. Anything that happens to you at such parties is at your own risk.


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