See Why Senator Akpabio Is A Living Legend, Udom A Mistake



If the immediate past administration of Senator Godswill Akpabio was as inept and rudderless as the present PDP government in the state,we wouldn’t have the Victor Attah International Airport.

We wouldn’t have the only FIFA-standard stadium in the country.

We wouldn’t have the world class Ibom Specialist Hospital.

We wouldn’t have the flyovers.

Aka-Nung Udoe dual carriageway would not have been built

Calabar Itu road would have still remained a death trap.

Cardinal Ekanem road in Ikot Ekpene LGA would have still remained a death trap.

Abak-Etim Ekpo road would have still remained a dream.

We wouldn’t have a digital Government House.

Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard could not have been contemplated.

Ibom E library could not have been conceived and implemented.

Idoro road could not have been conceived.

Many people who are landlords today would would have remained tenants.

The new Uyo-Abak Dualised road could not have been thought of.

Abak-Essien Udim-Ikot Ekpene dual carriageway could not have been contemplated.

Our children would not enjoy free and compulsory education.

Ikot Ekpene LGA would not have a plaza.

Four point Sheraton hotel would not be built.

Akwa Ibom State would not have been a destination of choice. We would have remained a pedestrian state.

Many of the quality infrastructure we are enjoying in the state now,would not be done.

Boys would not be turned to mega men of power,wealth and influence.

Five years after leaving office as Governor of the state,he has remained the most loved and dreaded political actor in the state. His legacies are verifiable and they speak for him.

He has remained a colossus and the main issue in the politics of the state.

He left an intimidating record of performance that his successor cannot and should not aspire to exceed.

He is a living legend and would always remain in his honour.

History and posterity would surely be kind.



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