See What Greetings Did To Comedian GSN


It was known as Corona Virus, when it has gotten more fame than expected. The world rebranded it and change the name to Covid 19, while in some parts of Africa we know it as Cover One Nine.

GSN aka Talkactive, as the name implies, was busy talking, greeting his fans world wide and he forgot to greet his landlady, that should be the very first person to be greeted, someone that has been feeding him all through the period of Lock down.

Just watch the video and see the big wahala he caused for himself.

This Covid-19 season has been Crazy for Entertainers you know, my #WCW would have been Becky Young but she too vess…🎥: OverHype Isaac

Gepostet von Ekwubiri Gsn Godson am Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2020


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