Returnee Of N1.8M Found In Indoimie Carton Gets A Reward


A truthful Nigerian Christian, simply identified as Chidiebere Ogbonna has done the most unthinkable thing of returning n1.8 million he found in a box of Indomie he bought.

According to online media reports, Chidiebere said he bought one box of indomie noodles to be used at home. Upon reaching home, he opened t he box only to find it partially filled with noodles and bundles of N1000 notes.

Feeling terrified with what he saw, he returned it to the owner for the actual noodles he needed. Questioned on why he returned the money he saw in the box, he said he is not the rightful owner of the money hence his decision to send it back to the owner.

The vendor who was amazed by Chidiebere’s actions thanked him and asked him to pass by for indomie from now till the year runs out.


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