Opinion: Is Cross River State Covid 19 Free?


Two months ago, they said UCTH was fully equipped and ready for covid 19.

Two weeks ago, they said, FG shouldn’t have used the Navy Hospital for Covid 19 testing drills, that UCTH was better suited for such issues and they even accused them of trying to infect the state.

Yesterday, UCTH claimed there’s Covid 19 in Cross River State and the patient was treated and discharged last week. In response to that, they said UCTH lacks the capacity to run the test and the machine they have can’t give accurate results.

The same mighty UCTH they’ve been praising, the Chairmen of NMA, CRS is said to allegedly has taken huge bribes to tag CRS a Covid 19 infected state – according to them.

The state that has the walls of Jericho surrounding it, practiced total lockdown, no mask no movement, social distancing, fumigated our crowded markets etc.

The state that can’t safeguard lives and property from robbers and kidnappers, is hereby asking you to go sleep because they’ve chased Covid 19 away.

Credit: Egoh Ayamba


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