Must Read! See What Eating Egg White Does To The Body


Many people always have mixed feelings about eating egg. Some are of the opinion that egg is meant for children. This is not true, all ages eat egg. Egg is a good source of protein as we all know, no doubt. But have you ever asked yourself, what part of the egg contains that protein? Many people believe it’s the egg yolk (yellow part of the egg). This is a wrong assertion, the white part of the egg called the albumen contains more protein than the egg yolk.

In this our contemporary world, egg has become a controversial food to choose, due to its high saturated fat and cholesterol content. But let it be known to you today that, the cholesterol and fats in egg is basically found in the egg yolk, egg white contains no fat or cholesterol. It has pure protein content.

Egg yolk contains nutrients like Iron, Folate, Vitamins and other nutrients that support the good functioning of the eyes and brain, yes. But is contains little amount of protein. Egg white is high in protein, it contains 67% of all the proteins found in a whole egg. Protein in the egg white contains all nine essential amino acids your body need inorder to function well.

There are 6grams of protein in an egg, the egg white contains 4grams. Are you surprised? This is actually the truth. Egg whites are good source of Riboflavin, Sodium, Selenium and Potassium. There are 71 calories in a whole egg, 17 of it goes to egg white. Egg white does not have saturated fat or cholesterol, this makes it a good choice for those watching their cholesterol levels, those suffering from heart problems.

According to the US food and Drug Administration, there is no Carbohydrate or sugar in Egg white.

Having tabled the contents of an egg white, if I may ask, what are the benefits of an egg white? Let’s see them below:


1) Egg white lowers the risk of developing Hypertension. This is because of the high proteinous content.

2) It helps in maintaining Blood pressure because of the presence of Potassium.

3) It helps to lower the risk of Heart diseases.

4) Egg white contains essential vitamins like Vitamin A, D and B2 which helps to prevent Cataracts, Migraine Headaches and Back pains.

5) If you feel dizzy and tired, include egg white in your diet because it contains Iron. Iron deficiency causes dizziness and tiredness.

6) It helps to build up your bones and muscles, this is because of the Calcium content.

7) It helps to prevent early aging, wrinkles because Egg white aids in tissue and Cell rejuvenating (making young again)

8) It helps the obesed to loose weight because it contains no fat and little calories with no cholesterol.


Q. Can one take Raw eggs?

A. No, Raw Eggs can cause food poisoning from a bacteria called Salmonella. Cooked egg reduces the risk of this problem.

Raw egg can obstruct and reduce the absorption of water-soluble vitamin called Biotin. Remember, Biotin helps in energy production.

Q. How many Eggs can one consume in a day?

A. You can consume one or two egg whites per day, and not more than, please.

Note, Egg yolk contains more nutrients than the egg white, but it contains high cholesterol level, low protein, high Calories and high fat. Whereas, the Egg white has high protein content, no fats, no cholesterol, low Calories but low nutrients.

Article credited to Channy


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