Mr G1 – Who Is An Upcoming Artist?



An upcoming artist is that singer/rapper that’s still fighting to get national recognition.
It doesn’t matter how long and how old you have been an artist, so long you are still struggling to hit limelight you are an up and coming artist just like me and anyone that sings or raps that haven’t made it big.

Haven said that👇👇👇👇👇

My dear up and coming artists.
This is a heartfelt letter from me, please take every information written here serious.

When God was forming you, he knew you are going to be an artist, and then he gave you a voice, melody, pattern, vibes, understanding, Rhythm and boldness.

God didn’t give Davido the same vibes, rhythm, understanding, melody, pattern and boldness he gave Wizkid or Burna boy.

That is to say, there’s no way God can give you things already deposited in the next man.

God made you in your own way and pattern, God has given you an enviable package, he has made you unique and better than anyone else.

Do not ever try to copy the vibes and approach of the other person.
People who copy other people’s energy are people with low self carriage.

Do not envy or hate the vibes and boldness of the other person because you have yours and you are better with yours than any other.

Find yours with perseverance and passion to know and learn.

Your energy is far way better than the next man’s, your rhythm is bigger than the other man’s.

Don’t belittle yourself by hating on someone else’s progress and approach.

There’s no dignity in being a photocopy.
People will always find the original of you and pay them handsomely while you will always be an alternative.

Thanks and God bless you.


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