Jose Mourinho – African Players Are The Best


Jose Mourinho, made a strong comment to FIFA recommending African players as the best black players in the world, the Tottenham coach said in his statement

“I am always open to African Players. I always make it clear for them that it is very important to represent your own national team despite the background or how long you been in Europe. I want the world to see that Africa is Equal with everyone, Africans are not behind with talent.

They have talent to win any tournament, except that most of their Best players are scattered around the world playing for other countries instead of their homelands.

I know i won’t be popular for making this statement, but FIFA should make things fair by refusing to let Players to represent other countries, this will make FIFA tournaments even more competitive not one-sided. Make new procedures that will never allow African players to represent other countries then you will see a more interesting and competitive world cup ever.

Germany have Africans, France, Portugal many more and you call them world beaters, no they are not world beaters they are world users. Take all those players away and see if they will remain world beaters “


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