Evil Blade, The Stoppage Of Female Circumcision


Female Genital Mutilation is internationally considered an affront on human rights and an act of violence against women and young girls. Furthermore, it hierarchises and perpetuates inequality and denies the right to bodily and psychosocial integrity of women and young girls.

Evil Blade is stage play put together by some top-notch comedians and actors in Nigeria, to stop the evil act of female circumcision in some communities in Nigeria.

To create more awareness, the combined efforts of families, communities and governments, together with the promotion of health education programmes in demonstrating the complications derived from this practice, play a vital part in eradicating Female Genital Mutilation.

CAST: Dan D Humorous, Ibinabo Fibersima, Bobby Ogoloma, Karina Isreal

DIRECTOR: Eze Ekegwu. PRODUCER: Churchill Eneh. PLAY WRITE: Late Amatu Braide

VENUE: The Anzy Place, 2Louis Drive, Off Abacha Road Opp. Next Time Supermarket G. R. A. Port Harcourt.

TIME:6PM, DATE: 16th May, 2021, TICKET: 5K Reg, 20k VIP

Ticket available @www.tellerafricatickets.com, Port Harcourt Mall

Orukoro is another stage play that will be staged that same day.


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