Evan. Anietie IDIO – I Magnify My Office


I Magnify My Office

Text: Rom.11:13
“For I speak to you Gentiles, in as much as I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I magnify my office”

INTRO: Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ was a man who represented Christ in all aspects of life. He was called by Christ Himself to be His messenger to the Gentile nations – Acts 9:15.

He saw this calling as a rare privilege and embraced it with both hands. He did everything he could to magnify his apostolic office.

To magnify means, to enlarge, respect, make it big and hold in high esteem.

Every minister, elders, deacons, secretaries, teachers, song leaders, committee chairmen etc. are called by Christ to serve and minister to others for their edification and to the glory of God.

It is observed that, we have been doing things that demean these offices and ministries.

We should reverse it and start to do things that honor, respect, and hold this office in high esteem. So that unbelievers will also respect us.

How do we demean the office we occupy?

If you have the habit of drinking alcohol, play gambling like nairabet, lotto, coupon etc, always borrowing money from church members without paying back.

Commit formication within and without, watch football matches in a drinking joints and laugh with those club fans, argue politics with your neighbours and friends, making comments against government,

Play draft with jobless people, wear nicker and walk down your streets, dress immodestly, sleep at home always without going out to preach, betray the trust people have on you, cause faction in the church among others.

Ways that you can magnify the office you occupy:

Firstly you must understand the weight of work you are called to do and see it as a rare privilege and grace to serve Christ in this capacity.

Secondly, you must separate yourself from others and be different. To separate yourself means that you must sacrifice a lot of things and shed every weight that easily beset us.

Thirdly, you must love the work you are doing from the heart, command respect from the church, be opened to all and let Christ be seen in you.

Conclusion: If we magnify or hold in high esteem the office/ministry we occupy, others will be compel to follow suit.

Nowadays, Ministers are no longer respected or hold in high regards because we ministers demean the office.

You hardly see this kind of treatment in denominations. They don’t joke with their pastors and prophets. Let’s be cautious in this aspect of our ministry. Please brethren, magnify your office.

May the good Lord bless us and grant us a deep understanding into His word in Jesus name. Amen


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