Do Not Just Give Up



I woke up this morning to a surprise that reinforced my conviction in the spirit of optimism.

I manage and own a poultry farm. Five days ago I had two chickens that were sick in my farm. As a matter of standard practice. I transferred them to treatment room. One recovered in 18 hours. The other seemed not to respond to treatment. I kept faith as usual to give it time. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. After 48 hours, the chicken could not even stand. It couldn’t eat. I gave up on it and waited for it to just die so I will dispose it.

The legs were weak. It could only manage to eat. I had given all the medications. Although I will always check on it hoping that it has given up. Last night I checked on it. It lay there looking lifeless. Not sure if it had eaten anything all day. I waited for morning to dispose the carcass.

Behold I woke up to the surprise that the chicken was not only alive but stood on its legs and walking around the treatment room. I stood in awe combined with shock.

In life, people will give up on you. They will not give you the chance for survival. Many will think you will never stand on your feet ever again. They will condemn you to your disappointment and failures.

But you alone know the ability and capacity you possess. Just like I gave up on my chicken, many people will do so on you. Believe in your dreams and stay focus to achieve them. Do not be limited by the views of other people on you.
Do not just give up.

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Credit: Ndianabasi Ikobong


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