Bolo An Island Of True Cultural Heritage


Aerial view of my hometown, BOLO.
An Island of true cultural heritage.
We are a people of selflessness and hospitality, whose glory is in the greenish mangrove and the blue reflection of the sky on the sea.

We lived as a community and found our oneness in the sound of our voices, at the resounding of ” BOLONI Ooo yiaaaa”!
But in the stance of time, like a dying sunset, I can hardly fathom what we held on to in my infancy: Love and Community.

An enemy called selfishness and pride suddenly crept into our Innocence and stole what’s most precious to us and has left us with nothing to look up to,dressed in the form of leaders who should never have anything to do with leadership and overseeing a people with a rich history as ours.

Alas! Young BOLONI blood,I urge you hold on to our history and see the responsibility of reviving our lost glory.
I love BOLO community..
I Love her inhabitants..
I’m proud to be a BOLONI toku..


Credit: Mangrove PhotographyTv and Humble Brains


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