Author Udoh Ndianabasi – When Fear Calls


When fear calls.

Sometime last year I was very down in health to the point that I thought I might loose my life in the process,

Have you ever felt this pressure of fear running right into your veins each time something really awkward wants to happens to you?

or someone around you that is really important to you left you?

that’s the level of fear I felt when I was down in health, this strange thoughts in my head swispering an unexplainable sounds in my ear,

preaching to me that I might not make it, death kept knocking at the door for a moment I thought nothing more than committing suicide,

funny I couldn’t account for my living not to talk more of when am no longer in existence, who knows what awaits me in the other side of life,

if it’s heaven or hell, hundreds of strange happenings running through every part of my body,

of what reason is they if I answer to the call of death when purpose hasn’t yet been fulfilled,

Questions like;

  • What if I wouldn’t make it,
  • Who are the categories of individuals that will come to mourn my departure when am no more,
    • What will my talents say if my maker asked me how I used them

What will be my reply

For a minute I kept pondering to these questions, then I answered myself, by saying I have not reached the world yet,

I have been hiding in the dark with the fear of who will listen to my messages,

who will it help?,

Can I even convince people to listen to me?,

Am in really the person am claiming to be ( public speaker) ?

Then for a second I said though I haven’t been able to fight my way through but I can use this chance as my second opportunity to start afresh, if only I can be strong again then I can start afresh

Do you have a dream but you’re afraid to start because of what people might think or say or because of your present condition, if you keep holding on to their talks/condition,

you may never reach your end point, forget about them and move up with your life,

Don’t bury that abilities make use of it before it’s too late, life is not coco you don’t get to make use of your gifts in the other side of life (grave)

life begins here and your abilities can only be made use of here on earth not in the grave.


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