Author Udoh – At Times Like This


At times like this were you’ve got to sweat and till the earth before satisfying your stomach, you’ve got to be watchful of the kinds of people who you call friends,

some may come to take from you and not add or invest in you, others might come in the name of friendship but have an interior motives, friends in disguise but foes underneath .

Their plans might be to take all of your possessions and leave you in pieces,

At times like this you need to be watchful of the kind of things that consumes your sweat, not everything that crosses your path is needful at this time

your eyes were designed to function as sight and not to do the job of the tongue or the mouth, you’ve gotten to allow some certain things pass you by,

At times like this be useful to your self and the people around your vicinity.

At times like this, be an helper to those in need, support them, love them and care for them for you just might not know what tomorrow will be.

While in a total lockdown or complete isolation, don’t use it as a privilege/medium to die next to your phones and TV set, don’t game away your dreams, goals, vision, purpose and destination in life, don’t try to isolate your mind either, think of a mind blowing idea which could turn your situation around.

At this time, you’re set to run and win, because you don’t have many competitors, be focus, know your path, don’t run into the lane of your opponent, so you won’t be disqualified.

Stay healthy always, for when the head is in trouble the body surfers the pain, to keep working you’ve got to stay fit, strong and healthy.


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