After Sleeping With Him, Maggots Came Out Of My Private Part – A Lady Cries Out


The 20-year-old girl, named Ogechukwu Andrew, is a 200-year-old student at the Federal Vocational and Technical School in Anambra. Narrated her story .

she says :

“I met my good boyfriend when I was in middle school. We love each other in school. Both of us agreed to never own s3x before entering the university. Fortunately, we were admitted to the same school, we live in the same room, parents I wonder if my boyfriend and I live in the same room.

All this, although he never asked me about S3*, so I was very angry one morning, so I told him I hope we have sex, he said it was ok. But one thing that puzzled me was that he insisted on cleaning my private parts with a red handkerchief.

I ask him why. He said that if he didn’t, he couldn’t sleep with someone. I really love him very much, so I accepted our continued love process.

Subsequent to all that he tied the hanky in a dark nylon I asked him where is he taking it to he said he needs to proceed to discard it I said alright. 

From that morning he left till around 12 early afternoon I didn’t see him so I chose to call him to know his whereabout astounding to me his number was turned off I got stressed. 

So kicking to I off inclination something in my private part I chose to check, to my most noteworthy shock slimy parasites are all over my private part. Am intensely in profound torments now I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on might it be able to be it’s the handwork of my sweetheart? I don’t have the foggiest idea what to accept now. She told Dominic 


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