6 Things You Need To Do When Preparing For Exams


Everything takes practice. Most people struggle with remembering facts, ideas, concepts and materials because they simply don’t take the time to work their mind on a regular basis.

Rather than asking how to memorize faster for exams, you should be learning how to use your memory more effectively while studying.

Below are 6 Impressive Ways to Improve Your Memory When Studying for An Exam.

  1. Organize Your Space

To improve your memory, you need to be able to focus. Distractions of any kind will prevent you from being focused. so make sure your space is clear, quiet and have all the materials you need for your study session.

  1. Speak out Loud instead Of Simply Reading

The possibility that you will remember what you read when you say it out loud could make you remember what you read as the words will stick to your brain easily.

  1. Use Of Acronyms

Create patterns and words from the information you are reading in order to remember it easily. Associating the first letter of each item with a word, phase or rhyme, can make information easier to be recalled. These are especially useful to remember when they are listed or an orderly arranged information.

  1. Take Study Break

Taking a break is necessary for your brain in order for it to rest and assimilate everything you have studied. The brain should not be over stressed, that is why one needs to take a break while studying.

  1. Learn by demonstrating

Learn by acting it out, using hand gestures and other movements can help you better in remembering information. If you cannot move around when studying, use your imagination to picture it in your mind.

  1. Don’t Stay Up All Night

Before an exam, make sure to get adequate rest the night leading to the day of your exam. When you sleep, your brain relaxes and assimilate the information you have studied. So getting a good night sleep will help you remember what you have studied.

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