10 Delicious Meals That Would Make You Salivate


Here are 10 delicious meals that would make you salivate immediately after you’ve eaten, but before then.

Do you know that, studies suggest that having a diet of nutrient dense foods can reduce the risk of ageing, reduce the risk of chronic disease (obesity and type 2 diabetes), aid hormonal balance and consequently boost your mood?

When you hear the word “FOOD” what comes into your mind? Food is as old as man, because Adam and Eve ate and so the people of old, down to our generation.

Generators, heavy-duty machines, cars to mention but a few would not function when there is no fuel, diesel, and gas in it, even when they are in a good condition.

Humans need food to survive and the importance of food to humans can’t be underestimate. Because it is important to fuel the body with good food to enable us carry out our duties and perform our task well.

That’s why companies, schools, banks, no matter their busy schedules, they program time for lunch for their workers and students respectively and even provide nutritious meal for them.

Nigerian Government today, make provision of it to students, countries across the globe support and gives palliative to the less privileged and some churches have what they call food banks, where members donate food items.

Have you ever wonder why your mother would not fail to ask if you have eaten, while you are on call with her?

Why wives would prepare a delicious meal for their husbands before they get home?

Why parents ensures their children get feed?

Why your date would want to prepare a palatable meal for you on your visit?

It is because we all need it to survive, to refuel our body system, for body maintenance and growth.

Below are 10 delicious meals that would make you salivate:

When you want to eat, ensure you eat a nutritious food.

Let’s hear from you, when last did you visit the kitchen to prepare that family special meal?



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